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LS is the portuguese visual artist Luís Santos (b.1985). It was still young that Luís Santos discovered his passion and talent for drawing, spending long hours creating themes and characters. The artist born and raised in Marvila explored new techniques and tested different materials, which makes him recognized today as a complete artist, capable of embracing different styles.

His work addresses themes such as multiculturalism, women and nature. Through the use of color, triangulation and traditional Portuguese lace, characteristic of his work, he achieves a harmonious and contemporary result.

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Luís Santos (b. 1985, PORTUGAL)

Luís Santos, also known as LS, was born and raised in Marvila, a neighbourhood in Lisbon. LS discovered his passion for drawing at a young age and spent countless hours creating themes and characters.

Marvila has a strong connection to the train line, which was an important part of the neighbourhood’s history and development. This connection to the train line and the graffiti movement, has been an ongoing source of inspiration for Luis and it can be seen in some of his artwork.

He started as a graffiti writer in the neighbourhood where he grew up, exploring the train line and using spray paint to his ilegal actions. Santos has since evolved into a complete artist, with a portfolio that showcases his ability to embrace different styles and techniques.

LS Artist’ work addresses themes such as multiculturalism, women, and nature. He uses colour, triangulation, and traditional Portuguese laces to create a harmonious and contemporary result. LS work has been exhibited in solo and collective exhibitions in various gallerys and events. Also has participated in urban art festivals such as Muro-LX, Infinito, Mural-18 or Stone Art. Since 2015, has been developing projects using various materials collected from the streets. His murals have been displayed in multiple locations including Lisbon, Alcochete, Leiria and Loures.

LS has also conducted workshops with kids and young students in Lisbon. He has been featured in press interviews and web articles, and his work has attracted clients such as Rock in Rio, Galeria de Arte Urbana, and Infra Estruturas de Portugal.

Through his work, LS celebrates the multiculturalism that defines Lisbon, and his graffiti background adds depth and authenticity to his art. LS Artist embodies the spirit of urban art, and his work continues to inspire and captivate audiences around the world.



LS Faces
2021, Maio Casa da Pedra, Lisboa

LS Recycle
2021, Maio Galeria Municipal dos Paços do Concelho, Alcochete

LS Recycle
2020, Setembro JF Intendente, Lisboa

LS Recycle
2018, June Biblioteca de Marvila,Lisboa

LS Recycle
2017, September Biblioteca de Marvila,Lisboa


Arte Contemporanea de Lisboa 24
2024 Atelier Natália Gromicho

Downtown Chiado 24 International Art Exhibition
2024 Atelier Natália Gromicho

11th LICE – Lisbon International Contemporary Exhibition
2023 Atelier Natália Gromicho

ACL Arte Contemporânea de Lisboa
2023 Atelier Natália Gormicho

Alcarte 21
2021 Galeria Municipal, Alcochete

2019 Galeria Municipal, Alcochete

Enjoy the Youth
2019 Bairro Alto, Lisboa

Bienal Arte Jov’Arte
2019 CM Loures, Loures


2022   Solar 31, Lisboa
2022   Valorant, Lisboa
2022   Rock in Rio, Lisboa
2022   JF Xabregas, Lisboa
2022   Município Alcochete
2022   Estação de Braço de Prata, Lisboa

2021   Rosto Azul, Gebalis, Marvila
2021   Apeadeiro de Marvila, Lisboa
2021   Município Alcochete
2021   Mural18, Município Sesimbra
2021   Infinito Festival, São João do Estoril, Cascais
2021   Stone Art Festival 21, Codaçal

2018   Rock in Rio, Lisboa
2018   Dona Ajuda, Lisboa
2018   Estação de Marvila, Lisboa

2017   Muro Festival, Lisboa


2021     Workshop Arte Urbana, A Moca, Moita
2021     Dona Ajuda, Lisboa
2021     Rés do Chão, Marvila

2020     Workshop Arte Urbana, Centro de Promoção Juvenil, Rato, Lisboa

2019     Workshop Arte Urbana, Colégio Sagrado Coração de Jesus, Lisboa

2016     Workshop Pintura T-Shirts, Biblioteca Marvila


2020     RTP África, Lisboa
2018     Rock In Rio Lisboa


Selected media and interviews:
2022    Time Out lisboa
2017    RTP, interview about Muro Festival, Lisboa
2017    FUEL TV, interview about Muro Festival, Lisboa


Rock in Rio, Galeria de Arte Urbana, Valorant, Infraestruturas de Portugal, CM Lisboa, CMLoures, CM Sesimbra, CM Alcochete, Dona Ajuda, Rés do Chão, APAV, JF Beato, Gebalis, Chelas è o Sítio

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